If friends, you also play Dream 11 in which you have to build a team and if you win then you earn rewards. But if you do not want to play this game and now you want to delete Dream 11 account permanently but you do not know how to delete Dream 11 Account then now you are at the proper spot.

Today we are going to provide you this information in this article. So if you also want to delete Dream11 account then stay connected with us to know in this article, let’s start.

How to Delete Dream 11 Account?

If friends, you also want to know How to Delete Dream 11 Account, then today we are going to provide you the same information in this article. Actually it occurs that once you establish an account on dream 11 but for whatever reason if you lose and furiously uninstall the dream 11 app.

So after that, Dream 11 messages appear on your telephone, owing to which you have a lot of troubles. This arises when you do not remove the account made on Dream 11, merely by removing the programme, you assume that the job is done but it does not happen.

If you want to prevent the mails coming from Dream 11, then you have to erase the account made on Dream 11, whose straightforward methods we have mentioned below. Let’s know.

Steps to Delete Dream 11 Account

  • First of all open Dream 11 App on the phone.
  • Now click on the profile logo shown above on the left side.
  • Now click on Chat with us provided below here.
  • Now here you will talk.
  • First of all here you have to put I want to remove my dream 11 account.
  • After this you will have various alternatives out of which you have to pick the first one.
  • After this again you will have 2 alternatives, this time pick the second one.
  • Now now you have an alternative Click on Raise a Request.
  • Now here you have to complete a form, here you will also be asked the reason.
  • All you have to do is after 7 days this account of yours will be deactivated permanently.

So in this method you may erase your Dream 11 account by following these simple steps.


Today, in this essay, we have informed you the technique of how to deactivate the account made on Dream 11 permanently. Hope you enjoyed this information of ours, then you must tell us by commenting

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