If friends, you too use Snapchat and share a snap with your friends or publish a story on Snapchat, but many times it occurs that you put some stuff on the story which you do not want.

After which you want to remove it later and you do not know how to delete Snapchat Story, therefore now you are at the correct spot, today we are going to provide you the same information in this article. To know, simply remain with us in this article, let’s start.

How to Delete Snapchat Story?

If friends, you also have the same query of How to Delete Snapchat Story, then we will answer it with some procedures. Sometimes it occurs that you do not want to upload such a story on your Snapchat, which you wish to remove later.

So if you have also made this error, you have also fraudulently posted such a narrative which you did not want to publish, then it is quite simple to erase it. You may erase the snpachat story by following the methods described below in this article of ours. Let’s know what are the easiest steps.

Steps to Delete Snapchat Story

  • First of all open Snapchat on your phone.
  • Now click on the choice of Account offered on the right side down here.
  • As soon as you get here, you get to witness that tale of yours here.
  • Now if you have placed several articles here and you want to remove any one.
  • So to accomplish this, click on that article and keep it.
  • After this, certain alternatives arise in front of you here.
  • Here you got the choice of Delete Story.
  • So in a similar manner you may erase your snapchat story.


Today we have explained you in this article about how you may remove the story uploaded on your snapchat. It is very simple to publish a story on snapchat but it is easier to erase the same story but you also need to know first how you can delete snapchat story.

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